Iuliana Münch

Iuliana Münch, née Geambasu, felt “the artist soul within her” early on, as she herself describes it. Music was very present in her family surroundings – and Rumania itself is a highly musical country. From her earliest childhood, Iuliana Münch had the wish to play no other instrument but the violin. She had enough ambition to master the entrance exams for the secondary music school “George Enescu” in Bucharest, where she enjoyed a comprehensive education until her graduation in 1995. Building on this foundation, she went on to study at the Bucharest Music Academy. There, the répétiteur Florina Cozighian was a decisive artistic influence. She advised Iuliana Münch to continue her artistic career in Germany, because she felt that Germany would offer the obvious talent of the young violinist greater chances for development.

Therefore, Iuliana Münch traveled to Germany at the age of 22 to continue her studies at the Academy of Music and Dance in Cologne/Aachen. In 2003 she graduated, having studied with Prof. Charles-André Linale.

Her first orchestra positions followed in Koblenz and Mönchengladbach. After these, Iuliana Münch became a member of the “New Philharmonic of Westphalia”. In 2009 she met the pianist André Parfenov, with whom she has formed a regular duo ever since, realizing her own artistic ideals in an unheard-of manner. She is actively involved in the development of André Parfenov’s compositions. “It is a great privilege to work directly with a composer,” thus her creed.

Iuliana Münch brings her sparkling talent for communication to the Parfenov Duo’s performances – both in humorous introductions and dialogues with André Parfenov and in imaginary conversations with composers of bygone eras.

Iuliana Münch works with the composer not only within the Parfenov Duo. As a violinist, she also appears on stage when his ballet music for choreographies by Robert North are performed at the Theater Krefeld Mönchengladbach – this was the case for the ballets Chagall-Fantasie and most recently Pinocchio, premiered in October 2016.

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“Juliana [sic] Münch’s playing enthralls; André Parfenov accompanies her with intensity, paying close attention to his partner.”

Der Neue Tag August 22, 2016

“Parfenov’s preference for percussive effects, symphonic vehemence of sound and flashing sforzati is obvious. Iuliana Münch’s energetic violin playing forms an intense counterpart. Her tone seems powerful and well-grounded while displaying crystal-clear precision.”

Recklinghäuser Zeitung June 13, 2013